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Perfect eblasts - whynameusWe all know that email marketing has taken the place of snail mail. You should also know it is a great way to get your message out to the masses without blowing your entire marketing budget. But,  if EVERYONE knows how wonderful it is, how the heck do you stand out in a sea of junk mail. Below is a great way to start ….

  1. Define Your Objectives
    1. What should be accomplished? More Leads, Announce new service, More sales
  2. Manage Your Contact Listsemail marketing whynameus
    1. Create segments:  Clients vs Prospects – Retail vs Wholesale
    2. Each segment may need different incentive to react to your objectives
  3. Create your Call to Action
    1. What do you want people to know/do when they open your eblast?
    2. Keep this brief, relevant, and impactful to each segment
  4. The Ever-Important Subject Line 
    1. At all times – keep it to a Maximum of 55 Characters  (the previous line was 55 characters)
    2. Use Your Company name
    3. DO NOT USE ALL CAPITALS OR ! $ ? and other punctuations and symbols
  5. Optimize your Layout and Design
    1. Ideally you would have custom HTML to design a template to matcemail marketing whynameush your company’s look
    2. Always put your call-to-action at the top next to a compelling graphic (to draw attention)
    3. Make it mobile-friendly
    4. Link to your social media outlets
  6. Establish Frequency of your Blasts
    1. No best answer, just best practices – You must determine what is best for your target segments
    2. For B2B = higher click- thrus are on Tuesday-Thursday 6pm to 10pm and 4pm to 8pm
    3. For B2C = higher click-thrus are on Saturday-Sunday 9am to 12pm and 5pm to 10pm
  7. Choose Your E-Blast Provider
    1. Some things to look for:
      • Are their templates intuitive?
      • Can you segment your lists?
      • Do they offer a dashboard?
      • email marketing whynameusDo they offer social media integration?
      • What are their price packages?
  8. Measure Your Results
    1. Do you use Google analytics? If Not – You Need to!
    2. Your Open Rate is not as important as your Click-Thru Rate
    3. Your Bounce Rate – must remain low or you will be considered a spammer!
  9. Bring it all full circle
    1. Don’t forget to mention your eblast on your website, Twitter, Facebook and other Social outlets. Draw attention to your business.
  10. Be Consistent
    1. Once you Start emailing you can’t stop…. So know what you are doing before you start!  Plan ahead, create a calendar for upcoming news.email marketing whynameus

Now that you know you have your step-by-step guide, make sure you have a clear plan in place as to how you are going to keep the conversation going with your target audiences. It can seem unimportant, but in the day and age where your customers are being bombarded with messages from your competitors, it is more important than ever to remain top of mind.  Email marketing is a cost effective and efficient marketing tool that will help you stay in front of your target market. Check back to see what other ways you can remain number one on your customers speed dial!

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