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We provide our clients with hi-level, customized marketing strategies that meet their exact needs and budget.  Here are some samples of the work we have done. 

 Red Rabbit - whynameus

Brand Re-position in Existing Market for Red Rabbit.

Project Goal:  To identify key target market for Red Rabbit that will lead to sustainable growth.

Problem: The business provides healthy school meals to kids. They business model was B to C – selling directly to the parents of the children in a school. In doing so, Red Rabbit was limiting the growth of the business due to the logistical limitations of catering to individual parents.

Solution: Target the larger market of school Principals/Directors and cater to the entire school. Rework the price structure and menu to fit into the federal reimbursement plan to appeal to the largest school demographic. Update existing brand image and collateral to speak to new target market on a B to B level.

Results: 2010-2011 year over year net profits doubled. Red Rabbit now serves over 100 schools in the New York metro area and was ranked as a Company to Watch in 2012 by the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City. 2013 owner named Crain’s 40 under 40 and a highly sought after speaker.


united way suncoast - whynameusUnified Messaging and Positioning for United Way of Tampa Merger with United Way Sarasota

Project Goal: Using existing messaging for both non-profits create a clear and coherent brand that exemplified newly form non-profit United Way Suncoast.

Problem: The project time line for completion was very short. Had to take two existing non-profits and create a new brand entity while still engaging each non-profits key donors on a meaningful level.

Solution: Develop a campaign that was based on a single cause that affected both non-profits target areas, thus creating a united front and seamless transition to one entity. Design new collateral that clearly reflected need and indirectly spoke to merger.

Results: United Way Suncoast recouped their initial marketing investment 3 fold in 6 weeks of implementing new marketing campaign during fundraising efforts.

Angelo David Salon - whynameus

Provide ongoing hi-level marketing support for Angelo David Salon

Project Goal: Develop and execute a month by month marketing plan that increased target market traffic to hi-end hair salon. Redesign website to appeal to target market. Redesign website to match hi-end customer base. 

Problem: Owner did not have the expertise or in-house staff to develop and implement an on-going marketing strategy and was sporadically marketing and not clearly tracking ROI. Website was not search engine optimized and lacked visual appeal to maintain prospects interest. To much content on site was causing high double digit drop off rates

Solution: Develop a marketing plan that directly targeted hi-end prospects. Build in clear metrics to track marketing investment. Develop new website that was in line with industry best practices and optimized to draw in new prospects.

Results: Within one month, Angelo David’s bounce rates dropped by double digits, conversions increased by 5%, and organic search ranking jump to top five. Additionally, we provided owner with peace of mind that an effective and efficient marketing plan was in place thus freeing of owner and staff time to focus on other aspects of the business.


Hair DetoxComplete brand creation for new product launch.

Project Goal: Develop entire brand identity for new herbal hair loss solution supplement.

Problem: Client was unsure of the key value propositions of the formulation in a saturated supplement market and what price point would attract the target market as well as offer an acceptable ROI.

Solution: Conducted industry analysis to determine brand’s key points of differentiation, price point, messaging, target market and overall look. Identified target market trigger phrases to be used throughout all marketing mediums. Created and executed ongoing marketing strategy, website and collateral. Developed eye-catching and memorable infographic as key marketing piece to be used as part of regular marketing.

Results: Hair Detox has a unified look and feel throughout all touch points. Clear messaging immediately explains the uniqueness of the  product. Price point provides client with positive ROI while offering clear value to the consumer.


More Client Success Stories:

whynameus jfgymnastiqueJFGymnastique:  Conducted market analysis to determine key messaging. As a result, updated entire brand image from logo and website to overall value proposition to target market. Created branded email blast templates and ongoing marketing strategy to be executed inhouse.


The Aurora Gallery - whynameus

The Aurora Gallery: Outsourced all operations ensuring that necessary expertise is in place. Created an innovative marketing plan to increase rentals of the location. Established profiles on social networking sites like Facebook, Yelp and location relevant sites. Partnered with local community groups to increase exposure, developed eye catching press releases for media attention, updated website content weekly to maximize foot traffic.


Glyph Creative Studio - whynameusGlyph Creative Studio: Re-positioned services to target three key markets. Developed sales enablement tools to reach markets. Increased service price points based on industry norms and Glyph’s value position.


Creative Professional - whynameus


Creative Professional: Designed and maintained ecommerce website that reflected hi-end look and feel of product offering. Managed all online presence including email blasts, blog, and social media.


Strategic Transitions Coaching - whynameusStrategic Transitions Coaching: Identified key target markets. Developed brand messaging and positioning that resonated with key markets. Created 3-6-12 month marketing plan to be executed in-house.


Tanqueray - whynameusTanqueray “Tique”: Planned and executed month long brand awareness campaign that spoke to a younger, hip crowd. Highlight – created an original and unique fashion event that would stir a buzz in target market and align brand with being “fashion forward”. Developed the concept of a “moving mannequin” fashion show as opposed to a standard runway show. The models were on pedestals in the middle of the event. This set-up allowed for an unobstructed and close-up look at the designs.



JADIS Capital whynameusJadis Capital:  Managed a red carpet event for high net worth prospects at the Morelia Film Festival in Mexico. Designed a one of a kind experience for key investors with only 6 weeks to plan. Leveraged the firm’s relationships within the film industry to secure 4 days of elite events at the Morelia Film Festival. The highlight being a red carpet walk with Tommy Lee Jones at the premier of his film the “Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada”.