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Millions saw the apple fall, but only Newton asked why. – Bernard Baruch

whynameus marketing Nine out of 10 small businesses don’t fully understand who their target market is or where their competition is weakest. Stop guessing and wondering how they are doing better than you are. Your whynameus marketing plan identifies both who your competition is and what they are not doing for your target market.

With a comprehensive plan, all your marketing efforts will be on based on a clear-cut strategy. Your message will be on target, every time. Guesswork about the value of specific ad placement will be eliminated, and you’ll know in advance if your email blast will evoke responses.

You’ll save precious time, money and resources when you understand:

  • Your primary target market and who influences them to buy your products or services
  • Where you can find your target market and the best vehicle for reaching it
  • Your main competitors, what they charge and what they offer—or fail to offer
  • Your competitors’ biggest weaknesses and how you can capitalize on them

We will determine your key differentiators, pinpoint your unique position in the market, and develop your supporting marketing messages, so you’ll stand out from the clutter. You’ll achieve the clear competitive advantage that results in increased sales and maximum ROI.

As part of your comprehensive marketing plan, we also provide you with a weekly timeline for implementing your strategies in crucial stages.

Call us for a free consultation today and see how we can help your small business grow now.