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I recently had a client ask me to use a third party pay-per-click  provider that told said Search Engine Marketing - whynameusclient that they “guaranteed” exclusive rights on keywords for a low monthly price, as well as primary placement of their paid online ads. They went on to tell my client that they could ensure an “above average click-thru rate” for the industry standard. My first reaction was to make sure my client did not sign any contracts with this provider. When I was told they had not, my second reaction was to use profanity at the audacity of this third party provider to make such claims! After second thought, I decided to educate my client (and readers!) on how to spot the ridiculousness in provider’s claims. So here is the short list of what to know – and what to avoid.

No “Guarantee” in the Battle for Key Words

In a nut shell – keywords for pay-per-click (lead) are bought and sold on the open market. The price is determined by three factors:

  1. – How many people are using those terms in searches right now
  2. – How many advertisers want to use the keywords
  3. – What are advertisers willing to pay to use those keywords, sometimes exclusively

There are more factors included, but those are the big three. Now having said that – looking back at what the provider stated to my client – it is not possible to corner the market on any keyword(s) because at any moment, another advertiser who is willing to pay more can buy the same terms.


High Click-thru Rates are as Valuable as Magic Beans

You tell me – what do you want more of:

  1. – People coming to your site and leaving without buying in to what you are selling OR
  2. – More sales conversions that can be quantified through email/phone inquiries or actual purchases

I know… it sounds like a silly question but so many people fall for the click-thru pitch. Yes having 10,000 visitors to your site per day sounds great – but do you really care if they only end up on your home page for a few seconds then click off your site never to return?

You Get What You Pay For In Life and Key Words

I wish I could tell you that $100 a month budget is all you need to pull off a stellar Adwords campaign, but I would be lying to you. You get what you pay for – if you are in a very competitive industry,  you will unfortunately end up paying more for the keywords that will drive traffic to your website. In addition to that – chances are you do not have the expertise to write the ads, develop the imagery, and create the promo offer to make your ad stick out amongst the clutter. So – in order for you to get the return on investment you really want, you will need to invest the money in the right words and provider that can make them work for you and your business.

If it sounds to good to be true, then  you know the rest…

So that is the quick and dirty of it. There are more pitfalls to talk about, but I hate being so negative, and I just wanted to educate you to a point of understanding right from wrong. I hope this all helps you steer clear of the many shams, scams, and frauds out there that prey on the growing small business owner like yourself.

Keeping You on Track,

Naeema Arrastia

Chief Question Asker, Principal Solution Provider

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