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Search engine marketing - whynameusSo last month I told you what to AVOID when launching a pay-per-click ad campaign. Now that you know what not to do – here is a list of what to DO once you decided to go forward with paying for Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Keywords Alone are Not the Holy Grail

When all is said and done, you will need to develop an integrated plan to really get the online presence you need to start getting regular traffic to your website. So what is an integrated plan? Well it varies but quickly put you should:

  1. 1. Add a Google analytics
    account to your website
    . This is a free and powerful tool that will help you track where your visitors are coming from, what pages they are looking at most, how many leave once they come to home page, and oh so much more. It is one of the few tools that will help you clearly see what is working with your current website and what needs to change to match the needs/wants of your visitors.
  1. 2. Have a landing page that grabs consumer’s information when they come to your site. Examples can be a newsletter sign up request form or a free downloadable ebook.  Whatever it is, it should be easy to see, fill out, and move on. The goal is to not oppress the visitors, but entice them to give you their information (will explain in depth how to accomplish this in a later post).
  1. 3. Within your website use the same keywords you bought for your ads in key locations (I will post another blog about what are the key locations). This will help the “spiders” that crawl through the World Wide Web fidn you faster when something is put into a search bar.  This ultimately will help raise your standing on searches organically.
  1. 4. Don’t only focus on Adwords. If you are willing to start a paid campaign, consider also using Facebook and LinkedIn as outlets, as well. They allow advertisers to choose targeted demographics to really pinpoint your ideal customer.  Due to the fact you can hyper-target your ads, you can use a smaller budget because you are casting a bigger net in a smaller pond.

I can’t stress enough that it will take time to see real results, anywhere from 3 to 6 months before you can quantify your return on investment. However, if executed correctly Search Engine Marketing can be an amazing tool in your marketing arsenal because it will literally be making money for you while you are sleeping. Do not think that because you do not have an e-commerce site that SEM is of no value to you. Any and all businesses that have a website presence need to be savvy enough to incorporate some, if not all, of search engine marketing tactics. At a minimum – adding Google analytics and incorporating keywords into your website.

Telling it to you straight,

Naeema Arrastia

Chief Question Asker, Principal Solution Provider 

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